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Ron Wells is the Executive Director and controlling shareholder of T3P LIMITED.  He is the Chief Executive of BarrettWells Credit Resources, a T3P LIMITED owned entity.  


Ron is a Certified Credit Executive, Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (now called the London Institute of Banking & Finance), Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, a Chartered Global Management Accountant and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators.  


He has 22 years of commercial banking, corporate banking and trade finance experience; plus 23 years of experience in international corporate credit management.  Ron has worked for Nedbank (in South Africa), Girobank, Chevron Corp. and RBS Sempra/J.P. Morgan Commodities (in London, UK), Cargill International Trading and Standard Chartered Bank (in Singapore).

Ron is the author of Global Credit Management - an Executive Summary - published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd in December 2003 this book was well received by risk executives and CFOs in Total, LUKoil (LITASCO), Noble Group, and Louis Dreyfus among many others.  The Chinese (simplified characters) version of Global Credit Management published by T3P LIMITED is available as an eBook in pdf format; click here to purchase a copy.

Ron’s book The Chameleon in the Room: Embrace Business Risk – Assure Survival & Growth was published in July 2015 in Paperback and Kindle eBook versions.  His previous book Credit Risk Management – The Novel (Part One) was published as a Kindle eBook in April 2013 and in Paperback in August 2014.  Both books are available worldwide on all Amazon websites, at the CreateSpace eStore, and on eStoreT3P.

Visit Ron's Amazon Author page by clicking this link.  

Ron's Twitter address is @Wells10Ron

Ron is also active on LinkedIn

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